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Calibre Feasts

Our team of passionate staff tailor their approach for every client, to result in remarkable events.



Nicholas, or ‘the bald eagle’ as we call him, has over 30 years’ experience managing and owning hospitality, retail and entertainment businesses. 

He is a business specialist with a strong focus on organisational and operational logistics, services and overall business management. He gives a lot of love to not only to his clients, but his team and future hospitality professionals. 

 Nicholas mentors students at William Angliss Institute and manages Calibre Feasts’ Business Coaching department, helping small businesses with the pragmatics of running smoothly – and successfully.



Peter is a guru when it comes to large-scale event management, and the go-to man when a country is hosting an Olympics, Commonwealth or University games.

His knowledge and experience is unsurpassed when it comes to
large-scale events. If you need to deliver 56,000 meals a day for fourteen days straight, then Peter is the man you call. He also works closely with large food companies in Australia, sharing his knowledge to assist their businesses.

In his downtime, Peter likes to serve cold beers at Edwin’s Café to happy game-goers.

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