Sports Catering

With athlete’s only training for 10-20% of their day, it’s important that they fuel their body with healthy, nutritious food and beverages. Calibre Feasts is committed to providing tailor made, healthy, nourishing food to all athletes and sporting clubs – from beginner to elite. We believe that healthy nutritional food should always be delicious and something to look forward to (never dreaded!) after a hard training session.

Our specialty is looking after elite athlete’s food requirements. We work closely with your team’s Dietician, Nutritionist and Conditioning Coach, to provide high-performance, balanced and tasty meals. By using only the highest quality produce, we create mouth-watering meals that provide the balance and nutrients athletes require to help them achieve their training and sporting goals.

We know some sports people find it hard to stick to a good eating plan by shopping and cooking meals themselves. Calibre Feasts Elite Sports Catering can provide pre-approved, packaged take home meals for 1st year players and other team members who find it hard to stick to an eating plan.

Not located near AAMI Park? Calibre Feasts can provide nutritionally balanced meals to your team at your sporting ground. With experience in large scale events including the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and University Games, we are experts at offering flexible, scalable sports catering. We can help you with:

  • Set up and daily operations
  • Kitchen set up and design
  • Supply chain management
  • Menu development.


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